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Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance

Our Process

MEGA is an Energy Aggregator

Energy Procurement

MEGA does NOT buy or sell electricity or natural gas. We are an aggregator. We combine the power load of customers in each utility service area and go to the open market to seek bids—in full compliance with New York State’s public bidding regulations. Our bids cover over 500 million kWh/yr of electricity and 10 million therms of natural gas. The result is more competition among suppliers resulting in lower costs for MEGA participants.

Once the bid process is complete, participants in MEGA decide whether or not they wish to enter into a contract with the ESCO that won the bid. The power commodity—electricity or natural gas—will still be delivered by one of the major utilities (NYSEG, National Grid, etc.), which will also be responsible for delivery of service and maintenance of lines.

Energy Group-Buying Cost

There is never any cost associated with participation in MEGA. There are no fees to join, no annual membership dues, no costs at all, ever. Participants pay only for the energy they use, purchased through MEGA’s designated-provider ESCO for electricity and/or natural gas. Our designated energy suppliers pay a fee to MEGA per kwh of electricity or therm of gas. That fee is specified in our bids, and pays for MEGA’s administrative costs and consultant fees. The fees are detailed in the offer package provided to interested customers.

Energy Consultants & Useful Links

EnergyNext, Inc. in Saratoga Springs, New York, provides consulting services to MEGA and assistance to members who have questions or need information and assistance with their energy purchases.

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