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Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance

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How to Save on Energy with MEGA

Easy Eligibility

Any municipality, school district, business, or not-for-profit organization can become part of the MEGA program. MEGA serves a wide range of entities, from the largest counties to very small local libraries and similar organizations. If you have a building(s) or pay your utility bills in addition to rent, you can participate in MEGA.

Free Process to Obtain a Pricing Proposal

Complete the MEGA Authorization and Pricing Proposal Request Form MEGA Authorization and Pricing Proposal Request Form and forward it along with your electric account numbers (or POD numbers in NYSEG territory) and natural gas account numbers to MEGA.

E-mail: abaluyot@energynext.com
Fax: 607-273-8964
Mail: P.O. Box 88 Ithaca, NY 14851-0088

No Obligation—Your Choice

Submitting the Participation Authorization form in no way obligates you to contract for electricity or natural gas through MEGA. It will simply generate a pricing proposal for you to consider. If you accept the pricing proposal, you will enter into a contract with MEGA’s designated ESCO for electricity and/or natural gas for a period of time chosen by you: usually two years but shorter or longer periods are options.

Technical Support & Answers to Your Questions

Form completion and submission: abaluyot@energynext.com
Pricing proposal questions: abaluyot@energynext.com
General information: abaluyot@energynext.com

In addition, the following webinar reviews MEGA’s program, including the application process.